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Economic Integration Director

Martha Silva Conexion AmericasMartha, who has a master’s in human resources, has had a side business for as long as she can remember — selling shoes, brownies, even potato chips. She currently makes and sells her own jewelry.

So, it’s little wonder why we believe she’s the ideal director of our Economic Integration initiatives, for she lives the entrepreneurial spirit Conexión Américas promotes in the Latino community.

The programs Martha oversees — Puertas Abiertas/Open Doors, Preparación de Impuestos/Tax Preparation and Negocio Próspero/Prosperous Business — deliver the message, and offer tools for, creating an American Dream: Work hard to make money, spend wisely, invest and save.

And take some chances.

Martha does.

She picked Nashville as home three years ago after driving through on the way to visit family in Alabama. She and her husband had been living in Iowa at the time, and within a month of their Music City moment, they were living here.

The attraction for the Bogotá, Colombia native? Big city vibe with small town charm and way less snow than in Iowa.

And country music, of which Martha is now a big fan.