Five years ago yesterday President Obama visited Casa Azafrán. It brought hope, esperanza, highlighted Nashville, and placed Conexión Américas on a national map.  I was following closely even though I was hundreds of miles away working in DC at UnidosUS. On December 9th five years later, we hosted another group of important amigos to talk about the future of Conexion Americas. 

In the first of a series of gatherings, we listened to a small group of some of our long-time supporters, including former board members and other community leaders. Each person brought something different to the conversation, but the themes were clear. We all share the same dreams, for our own lives and for Tennessee. Connection and collaboration are key components that make our city and our state a great place to live. Conexión Américas has played an important role in making sure that everyone has an opportunity to belong, contribute, and succeed. 

They challenged us to build on our history as an established organization while nurturing our entrepreneurial spirit and continuing to celebrate the contributions of our team and our community to Tennessee. 

As we look ahead to 2020, we hope you, too, will join us to say we believe in connections, we stand for a welcoming community and we will invest in making sure all our neighbors have the same opportunities to belong, contribute, and succeed.

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