At Conexión Américas, we know that our Hispanic Heritage celebrations aren’t limited to just one month. We honor our cultura every time we assist individuals and their families in their desire to start businesses, buy homes, improve their English, help their children succeed in school and go to college, and become an integral part of Tennessee’s social, cultural and economic vitality. Each day, we live and breathe our mission to build a welcoming community and create opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute and succeed. Join us in our mission by making a donation today.


Himmi Ronald Magana Vazquez

Participant in Conexión Américas’ homeownership program since 2015, Himmi recently bought a second house.

I want people to know that Conexión Américas is an organization that can continue to change the lives of many of the people who come to this country with dreams of getting ahead and helping our families who continue to experience poverty in our countries of origin. 

Luz María Canales

Participant in Conexión Américas’ Padres Comprometidos (Parents as Partners)—

Parents as Partners helped me understand that our children have lots of rights in school. I got over my fear of asking teachers for help with my child’s education. PAP will help your children succeed in school!

Keysi Lacunza

Graduate of Conexión Américas’ high school college access program, Escalera, and current participant in Conexión Américas’ College Success program—

I participate because this program provides me with opportunities that I would not have otherwise, and I would not know what to do or how to navigate college without it. My dream is to finish college and with this program’s help I really think I will.