MEP Leadership Development for Schools

Best Practices for Working with Latino Families (link)

2018-2019 Migrant Education Recorded Webinars

Introduction to the Tennessee Migrant Education Program

Migrant Student Needs and Program Services

The Role of Migrant Education Program, and MEP Eligibility and Identification of Students

What is a Migratory Agricultural Worker? – A Refresher on Making Eligibility Decisions

Training and Leadership Development Workshops for Schools and School Districts

Theme Key Points Audience
Migrant Education 101
  • Who qualifies as a migrant student?
  • Educational barriers resulting from students’ migratory lifestyle
  • Student and Family Services
  • Migrant Education Guidelines and Procedures
All Faculty and Staff (including support staff, counselors, social workers, etc.)
Embracing our Students’ Cultures
  • Cultural Relevance/Awareness
  • Effective practices for an Empathetic School Climate
  • Community & Family Engagement
  • Understanding students’ stories and life experiences
All Faculty and Staff (including support staff, counselors, social workers, etc.)
Creating Empathetic & Dialogic School Climates
  • Tenets of Dialogic Interactions (Active Listening, Perspective Taking, Empathy)
  • Understanding Diverse Experiences
  • Building Relationships Across Differences
Culturally Relevant Student & Family Engagement
  • Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Student Success
  • Utilizing Culturally Relevant Engagement Strategies to Promote a Welcoming School Climate
  • Utilizing Asset-based Thinking in Diverse Classroom & School Settings
TeachersSocial Workers


Support Staff

If you are interested in any of the sessions listed, please contact

  • All trainings include a consultation meeting with the client with the goal of: integrating school data, needs, and practices into the presentation; ensuring the training meets the needs of the audience; reaching an understanding on outcomes and goals of the training.  
  • Trainings can be adjusted for context.
  • While all trainings and presentations include a focus on students and communities of color, Conexión Américas can offer trainings with a specific focus on Latino, immigrant, migrant and Refugee students/families/communities as well as English Language Learner.