For the past couple of months, Conexión Américas has been hosting a series of events in the community to engage residents and business owners on access to public transportation issues and their dreams and aspirations for the over all quality of life in neighborhoods in and around Nolensville Pike.

This Monday, April 18 at 4pm, we are happy to invite you to the installation of “Together We Ride”, a pop-up or temporary interactive installation created in partnership with the Oasis Center‘s MTA Youth Action Team and ITOP group. The students, who are part of several Metro Nashville Public Schools and advocates of public transportation, are encouraging youth, bus riders, and residents, to give feedback on how public transportation can be improved.


The installation will be located at the Antioch Pike/Nolensville northbound bus stop. It will remain in exhibition from April 18th – April 28th for bus riders and residents to give their input.



For more information, please contact Mayra Alejandra at mayra@www.conexionamericas.org

About MTA Youth Action Team & ITOP:

The MTA Youth Action Team is an organized group of diverse high schools students who use their voice and skills to increase youth ridership for Nashville MTA. They serve as youth ambassadors, help identify key transportation issues for youth, develop action strategies for change, and partner with caring adults to promote youth transportation independence.

ITOP (International Teen Outreach Program) is a program designed to help international teenagers adapt into their school and become engaged in their community.

For more information, visit Oasis Center.