Adriana De León

Economic Integration Coordinator

Adriana has been part of the Conexión Américas familia for many years, volunteering as a facilitator in the Parents as Partners program, helping other Latino parents navigate the school system and put their children on the path to college. She officially joined the Conexión Américas’ staff as an Economic Integration Specialist in October 2015 to educate the Latino community in the tax system and prepare tax returns.

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Adriana moved to Southern California in 1989, and then to Nashville 15 years ago. She is thankful to be part of Conexión Américas, to be involved with the Latino community and to work with a team that is just as passionate about helping their community as she is.

Adriana’s story shows that it is never too late to continue an education. She completed her GED after her second child was heading to college and slowly she continued her education, starting at community college until she finally received her bachelor’s degree in business administration at Tennessee State University.

Adriana worked very hard to help and encourage her three children to also be successful in school and life.  That is why helping other parents to be involved in their children’s education was very important to her.

At home, Adriana enjoys cooking, especially Mexican food that she learned to make from her mother and her grandmother. And even though her kids sometimes enjoy a typical American hamburger, they always ask her for authentic Mexican food when they come home.