Co-Founder and Executive Director

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In Costa Rica, they say “Pura Vida” as greeting, as thanks, as a you’re welcome and as a simple message of “Life is Good!”

This common Tico expression, which translates to “pure life,” is deeply ingrained in Costa Rica, a place known for its beauty and good cheer.

So, it comes to no surprise to anyone who knows Renata that she is a native of San José, Costa Rica, for she personifies the spirit of Pura Vida.

Our well-respected co-founder and executive director brings this energy to her work with Latino families, for whom she has created services and programs that propel residents toward the good life in Middle Tennessee.

As an administrator, she is accountable to the board of directors and the community for good stewardship of resources invested in Conexión Américas; for fostering relationships in the community and making sure our staff has resources necessary for achieving goals.

All this while always thinking big about el mañana: our vision for the future, opportunities for growth, opportunities for partnerships, opportunities for greater social impact.

The staff knows that if Renata sets her sights on it, it is possible, whether it is Conexión Américas’ new home, Casa Azafrán Community Center; working to defeat an English-Only referendum, or creating our popular house band, Rumba. (Yes, we have a house band, and Renata dances and plays “minor percussion” muy sabrocito.)

So you see, Renata connects us to the belief that with big dreams, clear plans and the right attitude, anything is possible.

Pura Vida is possible for us all.