The executive orders signed by President Trump today, and those expected tomorrow, hurt public safety and the fabric of our communities.

Instead of building walls and closing the door to people escaping extreme violence, war and poverty, the new administration should be working to ensure the United States continues to be a beacon of hope. Instead of bringing back failed policies like Secure Communities, which led to racial profiling, families living in fear, increased distrust of law enforcement and devastating separation of families, the President should work with the congress to pass humane, common-sense solutions to our broken immigration system.

Nashville is a more vibrant city today thanks, in no small part, to the energy brought by thousands of refugees and immigrants who have found here a new community where to invest their entrepreneurial spirit, where to pursue their American Dream, where to put down roots and call home.

We applaud Mayor Megan Barry’s stated commitment to remaining a welcoming city and assuring our immigrant community that she will do all she can to protect us. As Mayor Barry said, “Nashville is stronger and safer when we are a warm and welcoming place for all. While we cannot control border policies here in Nashville, we can pull together as a city by embracing the immigrants and refugees who are an integral part of our community.”

It is time to raise our hearts and our voices.

Please call or write Senators Alexander and Corker and your US Representative and say:

“We need solutions, not fear mongering and discrimination against immigrants and refugees. Thank you for supporting comprehensive immigration reform in the past — we need your leadership now to find real solutions and make sure the United States remains a beacon of hope for those escaping extreme violence, war and poverty.”

Senator Corker: 202.224.4944

Senator Alexander: 202.224.4344

Find your Representative here:

Thanks in advance for raising your voice to uphold the promise of an INDIVISIBLE nation.