For Latinos in Middle Tennessee

The programs Conexión Américas has created, in keeping with our mission, focus on the Social, Economic and Civic Integration of Latino families in Middle Tennessee.

Here is a breakdown of the programs we offer under each interest area, with links to programs for more details.

Conversemos Spanish/English Conexion Americas Nashville

Social Integration

Legal Information and Referrals

Through our Enlaces (Links) program, we connect Latino families via the telephone or in face-to-face meetings with information, resources and assistance to address immediate needs, which can range from translating a birth certificate to finding a bilingual lawyer, doctor or other professional.

Parental School Engagement

Our nine-week series, Parents as Partners (Padres Comprometidos), offers parents information and assistance on becoming knowledgeable about, and engaged in, their children’s education and to reclaim their role as their children’s first, and most important, teacher. The program also aims to forge a partnership between Latino parents and schools to improve children’s academic achievement.


Negocio Prospero Business Class Conexion Americas Nashville

Economic Integration


We educate Latino workers about the U.S. tax system, their tax rights and their responsibilities through workshops and a comprehensive media campaign.

In addition, eligible low- to moderate-income workers in Middle Tennessee receive free basic tax return preparation from Conexión Américas’ IRS certified staff.


Our nationally recognized, award-winning program, Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors), assists Latino families in achieving the dream of homeownership by offering financial education, counseling, and access to financing. The program also provides information to help homeowners avoid a foreclosure in difficult economic times.


The seven-week Spanish-language class series, Negocio Próspero (Prosperous Business), teaches basic administrative knowledge for starting a new business, or growing an existing small enterprise. The classes, taught by experts in their field, focus on topics such as financial education, accounting, taxes, licensing permits, insurance, contracts and marketing.


Latina Mother and Child, Conexion Americas

Civic Integration

Grassroots Leadership Development

Conexión Américas nurtures the leadership potential, and civic engagement, of low- and moderate-income Latino families.

Advocacy, Community Outreach and Education

At Conexión Américas, we promote an understanding of the presence, contributions and challenges faced by Latino families living in Tennessee.

We are active at community events and functions daily to speak to, and about, Latinos in Middle Tennessee.

We also advocate for policies in the public and private sectors that recognize Latino immigrants as contributors to the progress and vitality of our communities, and for policies that contribute to the well-being of Latino families and all Tennesseans.