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Economic Programs

Adriana De León
Adriana De LeónEconomic Integration Coordinator
(615) 835-2503
Ryan Ellis
Ryan EllisEconomic Integration Manager
(615) 835-2515
Myrna Marshall
Myrna MarshallEconomic Integration Coordinator
(615) 454-6179
Martha Silva
Martha SilvaSenior Director of Economic Integration
(615) 835-2504

Education Programs

Melissa Cornejo
Melissa CornejoCollege Access Program Manager
(615) 454-6181
Karla MacIntyre
Karla MacIntyreCollege Success Coach
(629) 800-5827
Paula Martinez
Paula MartinezFamily Engagement Manager
(615) 835-2510
Carlos Miranda Pereyra
Carlos Miranda PereyraCollege Access Program Coordinator
Samuel Montoya
Samuel MontoyaYouth Development Specialist
Elizabeth Narvaez-Vega
Elizabeth Narvaez-VegaCollege Access Program Coordinator
Lorrain Rivera
Lorrain RiveraAfter School Program Coordinator
(615) 239-6069
Linly Stowe
Linly StoweCollege Success Coach
(615) 601-1488
Blanca Suarez
Blanca SuarezFamily Engagement Coordinator
(615) 835-2510
Rachel Vailati
Rachel VailatiAdult Education Manager
(615) 835-2511
Maria Paula Zapata
Maria Paula ZapataAssociate Director of Education Programs

Migrant Education Program

Velma Bautista
Velma BautistaYouth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 630-0694
Elena Cruz
Elena CruzData and Compliance Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(931) 212-9539
Carmie Cuda
Carmie Cuda Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 626-3365

Lisa El Mesbahi
Lisa El Mesbahi Youth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 406-3435
Egide Irambona
Egide IrambonaEducation Advisor & Community Outreach Liaison
Migrant Education Program
(615) 626-3377
Rachel Jackson
Rachel JacksonEducation Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 762-8956
Adriana Larios
Adriana LariosRegional Service Manager
Migrant Education Program
(615) 767-3297
Molly Morrill
Molly MorrillRegional Service Manager
Migrant Education Program
(629) 255-7813
Francis Murillo
Francis MurilloEducation Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 924-6368
Zugey Pérez
Zugey PérezProgram Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(615) 626-6516
Alejandrina Rodriguez
Alejandrina RodriguezParent Engagement Coordinator / Community Outreach Liaison
Migrant Education Program
(615) 417-9785
Veronica Rosales
Veronica RosalesIdentification and Recruitment Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(615) 487-0442
Ariel Safdie
Ariel SafdieAssociate Director
Migrant Education Program
(615) 924-1497
Stephanie Salazar
Stephanie SalazarRegional Service Manager
Migrant Education Program
(615) 487-0470
Brianne Stambaugh
Brianne StambaughEducation Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(629) 255-7827
Maria Trundle
Maria TrundleEducation Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 626-4193
Justyn Settles
Justyn SettlesStatewide Identification & Recruitment Manager
Migrant Education Program
(859) 361-2239
Adelina Vazquez
Adelina VazquezEducation Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 924-6225
Maria Williams
Maria WilliamsCommunity Outreach Liaison
Migrant Education Program
(629) 219-6735

Policy & Community Development

Alexza Barajas Clark
Alexza Barajas ClarkAssociate Director of Policy and Advocacy
Vilmaris González
Vilmaris GonzálezEngagement and Leadership Development Manager
Andrés Martínez
Andrés MartínezDirector of Policy & Communications
(629) 800-5819

Organization Support

Andrea Aguirre-Solis
Andrea Aguirre-SolisFacility and Event Coordinator
Elizabeth Almaraz
Elizabeth AlmarazInformation and Referral Liaison
(615) 320-5152
(615) 269-6900 español
Sara Del Castillo
Sara Del CastilloDirector of People and Culture
(629) 800-5823
José González
José GonzálezCo-Founder and Finance Director
(615) 835-2501
Kara (KB) Holzer
Kara (KB) HolzerDirector of Marketing & Development
(615) 835-2505
Tara Lentz
Tara LentzSenior Director Strategic Growth
(615) 835-2502
Juliana Ospina Cano
Juliana Ospina CanoExecutive Director
(615) 835-2500
JC Torres
JC TorresAssociate Director of Development
(615) 835-2506
Rosario Trigueros
Rosario TriguerosAdministrative Assistant
(615) 454-6174