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Economic Programs

Adriana De León
Adriana De LeónEconomic Integration Coordinator
(615) 835-2503
Ryan Ellis
Ryan EllisEconomic Integration Manager
(615) 835-2515
Myrna Marshall
Myrna MarshallEconomic Integration Coordinator
(615) 454-6179
Martha Silva
Martha SilvaSenior Director of Economic Integration
(615) 835-2504

Education Programs

Melissa Cornejo
Melissa CornejoCollege Access Program Coordinator
(615) 454-6181
Karla MacIntyre
Karla MacIntyreCollege Success Coach
(629) 800-5827
Paula Martinez
Paula MartinezFamily Engagement Manager
(615) 835-2510
Carlos Miranda Pereyra
Carlos Miranda PereyraCollege Access Program Coordinator
Samuel Montoya
Samuel MontoyaYouth Development Specialist
Elizabeth Narvaez-Vega
Elizabeth Narvaez-VegaCollege Access Program Coordinator
Lorrain Rivera
Lorrain RiveraAfter School Program Coordinator
(615) 239-6069
Linly Stowe
Linly StoweCollege Success Coach
(615) 601-1488
Blanca Suarez
Blanca SuarezFamily Engagement Manager
(615) 835-2510
Rachel Vailati
Rachel VailatiAdult Education Manager
(615) 835-2511
Maria Paula Zapata
Maria Paula ZapataAssociate Director of Education Programs

Migrant Education Program

Velma Bautista
Velma BautistaYouth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 630-0694
Elena Cruz
Elena CruzData and Compliance Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(615) 320-5152
Carmine Cuda
Carmine Cuda Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
Lisa El Mesbahi
Lisa El Mesbahi Youth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
Egide Irambona
Egide IrambonaEducation Advisor
Migrant Education Program
Marta Iznaga
Marta Iznaga Recruiter
Migrant Education Program
Rachel Jackson
Rachel JacksonYouth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
Brianne Kobeck
Brianne KobeckYouth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(629) 255-7827
Adriana Larios
Adriana LariosRegional Service Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(615) 767-3297
Molly Morrill
Molly MorrillRegional Service Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(629) 255-7813
Francis Murillo
Francis MurilloYouth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 924-6368
Zugey Perez
Zugey PerezProgram Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
Veronica Rosales
Veronica RosalesRegional Service Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(931) 267-1356
Stephanie Salazar
Stephanie SalazarRegional Service Coordinator
Migrant Education Program
(615) 487-0470
Maria Trundle
Maria TrundleEducation Advisor
Migrant Education Program
Justyn Settles
Justyn SettlesStatewide Identification & Recruitment Manager
Migrant Education Program
Adelina Vazquez
Adelina VazquezYouth Education Advisor
Migrant Education Program
(615) 924-6225

Policy & Community Development

Alexza Barajas Clark
Alexza Barajas ClarkAssociate Director of Policy and Advocacy
Vilmaris González
Vilmaris GonzálezEngagement and Leadership Development Manager
Andrés Martínez
Andrés MartínezDirector of Policy & Communications
(629) 800-5819
Bryce Warden
Bryce WardenResearch and Policy Manager

Organization Support

Andrea Aguirre-Solis
Andrea Aguirre-SolisFacility and Event Coordinator
Elizabeth Almaraz
Elizabeth AlmarazInformation and Referral Liaison
(615) 320-5152
(615) 269-6900 español
Sara Del Castillo
Sara Del CastilloDirector of People and Culture
(629) 800-5823
José González
José GonzálezCo-Founder and Finance Director
(615) 835-2501
Kara (KB) Holzer
Kara (KB) HolzerDirector of Marketing & Development
(615) 835-2505
Tara Lentz
Tara LentzSenior Director Strategic Growth
(615) 835-2502
Juliana Ospina Cano
Juliana Ospina CanoExecutive Director
(615) 835-2500
JC Torres
JC TorresAssociate Director of Development
(615) 835-2506
Rosario Trigueros
Rosario TriguerosAdministrative Assistant
(615) 454-6174