Myrna Marshall

Economic Integration Coordinator

For a long time, Myrna was the first person you would meet if you visited our offices at Casa Azafrán. As our receptionist, she acted as a guide to Conexión Américas, our partner organizations and Nashville — the one who knew how to connect and refer visitors to the right person or program. In 2014 Myrna was promoted to her new position with our economic integration team– and now acts as a different kind of tour guide– offering financial counseling to help Tennesseans get out of debt, learn to budget or save for a big purchase. Myrna also coordinates our homeownership program, Puertas Abiertas, helping individuals and families navigate the home buying process and walks beside them from application to closing.

Myrna, who has lived in Nashville since 2001, is a Guadalajara, Mexico native and former graphic designer with a background in publishing travel magazines and advertising. When she’s not at work, she’s making songs up for her daughter, taking photographs, crafting and adding to her Pinterest boards.