Taxpayer Education and Assistance

Our tax programs are two-fold via education and preparation and are designed to provide clear, reliable and linguistically accessible information on taxes to Spanish-speaking workers in Middle Tennessee.


We provide Latino workers with quality information about the U.S. tax system, their tax rights and their responsibilities through workshops and a comprehensive media campaign.

This program is part of Conexión Américas’ initiatives to promote the economic integration of Latino immigrant families into the local community. Understanding and complying with tax responsibilities is a fundamental step in the integration process.

The program promotes the use of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for eligible low-income families; it also discourages the use of ‘quick-refund’ loan schemes that drain the already limited financial resources from low-income taxpayers and we cover the following topics in our Taxpayer Education Workshops:

  • Filing status and dependency exemptions
  • Employee vs. subcontractor issues
  • Education credits
  • Child tax credit
  • Collection alternatives such as installment agreements, currently not collectible status, and offers in compromise
  • Individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINS)

Please contact us if your business, church, or organization would like to host one of our upcoming Taxpayer Education workshops.

Tax Return Preparation

Through a second program — the IRS-sponsored VITA program — we offer eligible low- to moderate-income workers in Middle Tennessee receive free basic tax return preparation through Conexión Américas. Our program has trained staff to prepare taxes for individuals.

For more information please contact us.