The Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition was formed in the spring of 2016 to harness the collective influence and voices of a diverse group of civil rights and education advocacy organizations across the state. Our goal is to build a shared advocacy agenda that will address the chronic disparities in achievement and opportunities for students of color across the state.

The Coalition is led by Conexión Américas, which serves as the convening organization behind the Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition. In early March of 2016 we gathered the Coalition in Nashville, and over the course of two days developed our policy priorities, beliefs, and recommendations.

Our Coalition is committed to finding meaningful policy solutions to the complex challenges facing our students across the state. With a membership of over 50 organizations, we bring tremendous urgency to this effort, and we are exercising our collective voice to affect change for students in Tennessee. Our current focus is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which provides Tennessee with an historic opportunity to rewrite the rules on how we define, monitor, and assess student achievement and school performance. We seek solutions, and are fortunate to engage with the Tennessee State Department of Education on the many facets of the law.

We will work to ensure that the Coalition continues to grow in membership, capacity, and influence. We hope you will sign-up to receive our newsletters, or to participate in regional convenings and meetings in the coming months.

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