Turning the dream of Casa Azafrán into a reality has been made possible through the generous support of individual donors, corporations, foundations and government.

Thank you for helping build Nashville’s new and unique collaborate nonprofit center, and a truly diverse community space for all.


Individual Supporters

Fernando Arguello
Mark Arnold
Sallie and John Bailey
Louise and Charlie Bairnsfather
Claudia Barajas
Michael Baron
Megan Barry
Madonna Basilici
Councilmember Fabian Bedne and Mary Linden Salter
Margaret Behm and Harlan Dodson
Karen Bell
William and Susan Bell
Adriana Bialostozky and David Parra
Sacha and Charles Robert Bone
Charles Bone
Claudia and Gordon Bonnyman
Richard Bryan
Mary Bufwack and Robert Oermann
Iris Buhl
Kiran and Robert Chamberlain
Kathryn Barnett and William Cheek
William S. Cochran
Chris Collins
Emily and Ted Dawson
Mayor Karl Dean and Anne Davis
Dr. Sheila Desmond
Mark Deutschmann
Kristen Keely-Dinger and Jason Dinger
Catalina and Jose Dominguez
Bonnie Dow and John Sloop
Marshall and Michelle Eakin
Laurie Eskind
Maralie and Richard Exton
Janet and Bob Ezrin
Patricia and David Earnhardt
Dr. Ron Eavey
Kimberly Ely
Carol Etherington
Ana Escobar
David Esquivel
Katherine Esquivel
Mary and Naill Falls

Liz Allen-Fey
Edward Fischer and Mareike Sattler
David Fox
Marion Fowlkes
Mary Katherine “Kaki” and Bill Friskics-Warren
Jerry Geraghty
Claire and Jose Gonzalez
Nancy and Ed Goodrich
Frank Gordon
Charles Grant
Shirley and Giancarlo Guerrero
Ellen Hansen
Carl Haley
Jane Hardy and Rod Kochtitzky
Rachel Hayes
Senator Douglas Henry
Donald Holmes
Lydia Howarth and Nick Zeppos
Sheila and Gary Jensen
Lynda Jones
Chris Kincade
Thomas Kleinert
Christine and Rob Laird
Nancy Leach
Teresa and Terry Lentz
Sally Levine
Martin Lewis
Meredith Libbey and Phil Ryan
Jeffrey Lynch
Alex Mackay and Eric Lease
Marg Markman
Kevin Maroney
Terry Maroney
J.C. Mendez
Rebecca McKelvey
Kathleen Monaghan
Charles Mouton
Thomas Negri
Katherine Nevill
Alistair Newbern
Victoria Pao
Elizabeth Papel

Mike Peek
Kobie and Mias Pretorius
Yvonne Joosten and Gerald Reed
Ann Daniel Mikkelsen and Dan Sharfstein
Metro Nashville Councilwoman Sandra Moore
Shawn Pelletier
Deborah Pitts
Lynn Pollan
William Pratt
Lisa Quigley and Larry Harrington
Sandy and Gregg Ramos
Laura Reinbold
Donna and Jay Richards
Connie and Nathan Ridley
Janice Rodriguez
Jeanne and Mark Rowan
Maria Salas
Elena Segovia
Kay and Keith Simmons
Clint Smith
Joan and Saul Solomon
Judy and Matt Sweeney
Mark Tobin
Alan Valentine
Jessie Garcia Van De Griek
Marieta Velikova
Virginia “Gini” Pupo-Walker and Eddie Wright Rios
Michael Ward and David Taylor
Nesrin and Scott Tift
Judy and Steve Turner
Doug Warren
Whitney Weeks and Rob Jack
Hedy Weinberg and Daniel Cornfield
Sue and Stephen White
J. David Wicker
Donald Williamson
Elizabeth and Ridley Wills
Karen Winkelmann
Toni Wine
Judge Thomas Wiseman
Tyler and Jeff Yarbro
Michelle and Ken Youngstead
Jamaica and Stephen Zralek

Institutional Supporters

Bank of America
Baptist Healing Trust
Barrett Johnston, LLC
Bridgestone Americas, Inc
Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund
Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
Joe C. Davis Foundation
Dollar General Corporation
The Frist Foundation

The HCA Foundation
JP Morgan Chase
The Landmark Foundation
Louisiana Pacific
The Melkus Foundation
Metro Nashville Airport Authority
Metro Nashville Government
Nashville Electric Service
National Endowment for the Arts
RC Mathews

The Memorial Foundation
State Farm Insurance
The Tennessee Arts Commission
The Tennessee Titans Foundation
The Tennessee Valley Authority
The Cal Turner Family Foundation
U.S. Department of Commerce EDA
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services