Our nationally recognized, award-winning program, Puertas Abiertas, which translates to “Open Doors,” assists Latino families in achieving the dream of homeownership by offering financial education, counseling, and access to financing. The program also provides information to help homeowners avoid a foreclosure in difficult economic times.

Home equity represents the largest single asset held by most Americans.

By helping Hispanic families access the most traditional route to building wealth in this country, our homeownership program represents one of the most successful strategies to empower low- and moderate-income Hispanic families socially and economically.

A first in Tennessee, Puertas Abiertas has helped 350 Latino families buy homes, and in 2005, the program received the Best Innovative Partnership Award from NeighborWorks America for our partnership with The Housing Fund.

Conexión Américas currently offers the following services related to affordable homeownership:

  • Individualized Front Door counseling sessions.
  • Access to mortgage loan products that meet the specific needs of our homebuyers.

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