Conexión Américas can make referrals to legal services organizations or immigration attorneys as needed.

If you need immigration assistance, please call us at 615-270-9252.

Information from Immigrant Legal Resource Center


  • Find low-cost immigration legal services:
  • Avoid fraudulent service providers: confirm their credentials, ask for a written contract and a receipt for any payments, and if you have doubts, get a second opinion.
  • Understand your legal options and if you might be eligible for an immigration benefit.
  • If you have a criminal record, consult an expert. Certain convictions can be changed to lessen the impact on a future immigration case you may have.
  • Avoid negative contact with law enforcement.
  • Any arrest, charge, or conviction, especially related to drugs or a DUI can be really bad for your immigration situation and could bring you to the attention of immigration authorities.


  • Remain Silent
    • Don’t respond to the questions of an immigration agent or provide any personal information
  • Do Not Open Your Door
    • If agents come to your home, ask that a search warrant be passed under your door or shown through a window. Do not open the door for them if they cannot show you a warrant signed by a judge. You lose certain rights by allowing agents in to your home.
  • Do Not Sign Anything
    • Do not sign any document. Ask to speak with an attorney and for a hearing in immigration court before signing away any of your rights.