At Conexión Américas, civic engagement is one of the pillars of our organization. As a part of our commitment, on March 1st, Conexión Américas traveled to Cordelle Hull and met with state legislators.  

During our time at Cordelle Hull, we empowered 3 students, 1 economic prosperity participant, and 1 vice principal in addition to 14 Conexión Américas’ staff members. We met with a total of 6 State Representatives and 3 State Senators with whom we shared our stories and conversed about various policies proposed this year such as the third-grade retention law, tuition equity, the reduction of Metro council, immigration, as well as anti-trans and anti-drag legislation, and more. Students conveyed the importance of tuition equity and our Economic Prosperity participant highlighted the need for reinstating driver’s licenses for all. As the day progressed, we witnessed our attendees’ voices become stronger and more confident as they spoke with legislators. We encourage you to find your state legislators here and familiarize yourself with their priorities by contacting them directly or subscribing to their newsletter.