Envision Nolensville Pike

Since 2014, staff from the Salahadeen Center (SCN), Conexión Américas, the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) and other leaders of the Envision Nolensville Pike Collaborative have led community engagement activities to document transportation challenges and possible solutions along Nolensville Pike.

The mission of the Envision Nolensville Pike project is to use social practice methods to foster artist-led community engagement in order to creatively inspire and document feedback on transportation challenges and solutions, particularly walking, bicycling and transit access. At this time, we focus our outreach on two areas in particular: among the Kurdish people in the Nashville region and Latinos served by Conexión Américas.

In 2016, ENPC staff and advisory committee members hosted six community meetings to initially inspire and document community feedback on transportation challenges and solutions along Nolensville Pike. The Nashville Civic Design Center (NCDC) attended those meetings and created visual renderings of potential transportation solutions at particular intersections along the pike.

In 2017, ENPC won $1 million to fund walking, bicycling and transit access improvements at Thompson Lane and the entrance to the new Azafran Park, which opened in August  2018.

With an infusion of funding from the philanthropic funder ArtPlace America at the beginning of 2018, two staff members of SCN have greatly strengthened our community engagement in the “Little Kurdistan” neighborhood near Elysian Fields Road and Nolensville Pike.

Envision Nolensville Pike | Report June 2016

Envision Nolensville Pike II: Recommendations for Achieving Inclusive Development | Report May 2017

Envision Nolensville Pike Steering Committee and Partners