NASHVILLE, TN. – Conexión Américas and Transportation for America presented their report “Envision Nolensville Pike II: Recommendations for achieving inclusive development” a study detailing recommendations to mitigate involuntary displacement of existing residents and small businesses along the Nolensville Pike corridor. The study, funded by the Convergence Partnership, lists a suite of tools that Metro Nashville decision-makers may use to make the busy corridor safer for everyone and improve the economic prospects of the area while avoiding displacement.

“We do want improved crosswalks and better transportation options, we just need to make sure residents and businesses already here have the capacity to remain, thrive and enjoy the advancements that come with development,” said Renata Soto, co-founder and executive director of Conexión Américas.

Conexión Américas co-founder and executive director, Renata Soto, presents the report’s recommendations to a full house at the Salahadeen Center

Home to many immigrant-owned businesses, the Nolensville Pike corridor is one of the most diverse areas in Nashville and is the anchor of one of the nation’s fastest growing immigrant communities. These prosperous small businesses meet the demand for products and services that large, national chains cannot provide. However, given its location just a few miles outside of downtown, the Nolensville Pike corridor is poised to experience the pressures of redevelopment and associated displacement. The most effective time to put proactive growth management policies into place is now.

The recommendations include creating a Nolensville Pike business alliance, improving the collection and availability of data about the corridor, developing pathways for business owners to purchase commercial property and increasing production of affordable homes.

In remarks at the Salahadeen Center, Mayor Megan Barry outlined the steps her administration is taking to ensure continued prosperity along the corridor, and welcomed the recommendations in the report.

“We look forward to using it as a roadmap as we go forward,” said Mayor Barry, “and working closely with this community to find new ways that we can make sure this corridor continues to thrive and grow.”

Mayor Megan Barry addresses attendees at the Salahadeen Center

Preserving the unique identity of the area and avoiding the displacement of its businesses and its residents will require a coordinated approach by the Mayor’s office, Metro Nashville agencies (e.g., Metro Planning Departments, Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority), the Nashville Area MPO, nonprofits and private sector entities including community organizations and foundations. This study encourages Metro agencies to use the provided proactive measures to inform policy decisions as the Nolensville Pike corridor continues to develop.

The full report can be accessed here.


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