Former First Lady Laura Bush calls it “cruel” and “immoral.”

The United Nations says it is a serious violation of the rights of children.

Evangelical leader, and prominent Trump supporter, Franklin Graham calls it “disgraceful.”

Other faith leaders call it “unconscionable” and “un-American and unbiblical” and say it “effectively ‘weaponizes’ children,” and “is not the answer and is immoral.” The Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution saying that immigrants should be treated “with the same respect and dignity as those native born.”

They are right.

The Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance policy” that in less than two months has separated almost 2,000 children from their parents at the US-Mexico border is an abomination to basic American values and human decency.

Raise your heart and raise your voice.

Everyday citizens like you and I have the responsibility to ensure that the current humanitarian crisis in the US-Mexico border doesn’t turn into another shameful chapter in U.S. history.

And it starts by making a call to our senators today, and tomorrow and the day after until they and their party put a stop to the Trump administration’s inhumane practice of using the suffering of young children and their parents as a political game.

Call Senator Corker 202.224.3344

Call Senator Alexander 202.224.4944

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m a Tennessean from [YOUR CITY/TOWN] in [YOUR ZIP]. I’m urging the Senator to do all he can to stop the family separation policy and to co-sponsor the Keep Families Together Act to halt family separations.

We applaud Senator Corker’s and Senator Alexander’s calls to stop separating children, parents at the border.

But we need to keep calling and urging them to lead their party and use all of Congress’ authority to stop family separations.

Please call today, tomorrow and the day after until we stop this madness. We are writing history and each of us is accountable for how this chapter ends.

Thank you for raising your heart and your voice.