In partnership with NALCAB, we released an equitable development action plan for Nolensville Pike.

Vision for the Neighborhood
We envision a Nolensville Pike that is an accessible, safe, walkable, and culturally diverse place where Latino and Kurdish immigrant communities are fully represented in the planning, development, and policy decisions that impact their lives, and where immigrant entrepreneurs and minority-owned small businesses thrive.

Conexión Américas, as the founder of Casa Azafrán on Nolensville Pike — home to many Latino families and immigrant and refugee-owned businesses — furthers its mission of building a welcoming community and creating opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute, and succeed through the Envision Nolensville Pike Collaborative by advocating for a safe and accessible environment along Nolensville Pike. Increased transportation modes, for example, provide safer and more reliable ways for residents to thrive and access jobs, schools, stores and community centers. Long-term, our team listens to community members’ concerns and advocates across multiple agencies and levels of government to make equitable development along Nolensville Pike a reality.

Our action plan identifies seven goals to enact equitable development on Nolensville Pike. In conjunction with organizational partners, developers, funders, elected officials, and city and state governments, we will work in a spirit of collaboration to ensure that Nolensville Pike residents and business owners’ voices and interests are represented in decision-making processes surrounding our community’s development. It is our role to ensure that immigrant and refugee business owners are informed, civically engaged, and supported by our local and state governments in the development process.

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