Co-Founder and Finance Director

Jose Gonzalez Conexion AmericasAs the finance man, José is the guy who green lights new works by saying “Si Se Puede.” Though, truth be told, he’s also well known for saying “We need more money if we want to do that.”

He balances the check book, so he knows. And so, we listen.

José’s vision and financial smarts helped launch Conexión Américas in 2002, and he has guided the organization with his combination of dreamer and realist. These traits are appreciated, for he has created successful programs and maximized our impact dollar by dollar.

Just as appreciated is the mean margarita José pours and the memorable paellas he makes.

José’s other passion is teaching college students the art of entrepreneurship and international business at Belmont University, where he is a faculty member.

José, by the way, moved to Nashville from Mexico in 1994, but he first visited in the 1980s as a summer camper, bunking alongside other little kids who also grew up to do good things in Music City.

Most joyous when: Handing new house keys to a Puertas Abiertas program participant or visiting a business started by a graduate of Negocio Próspero.

“Tops it all,’’ José says.