Tasneem Grace Tewogbola grew up in Central New York where it was once so cold her eyelashes froze shut.

She first moved to Nashville in 1999 to work as a reporter at the Tennessean. She returned to Nashville in 2012 – after living in Syracuse, NY and Belize, Central America.  She is still grateful for the soul and sunshine of the South. Especially, the soul. She loves that during her 10-year absence, Nashville’s international communities have grown in presence and population.

Tasneem – who is a West African-American Muslim — enjoys speaking Spanish, dancing to drums and cooking global cuisine. For her, Casa Azafrán’s touches of African, Latin American and Islamic architecture, feel like home.

Her home life, away from the office, is just as colorful. She and her husband, Zuberi, are parents of five daughters and two cats. When she’s not doing hair or picking out clothes for kids, she likes to garden, crochet, daydream, write and tell African folktales. She also likes to train for half-marathons and run at 5 a.m. before the children wake up.

As the Cultural Engagement and Events Coordinator at Casa Azafrán – an initiative of Conexión Américas – she is responsible for managing space usage for our agency partners and outside groups who rent rooms for meetings, retreats and receptions.

Her biggest joy on the job? Observing folks enter the building and watch their faces absorb the beauty of the place.

“What is this place?” they ask.
For Tasneem, the answer is always simple: “Welcome to Casa Azafrán, our global oasis.”