We are thrilled to share Conexión Américas’ first ever international study tour experience sponsored by Southwest. From January 24 – January 30th, 12 Nashvillians will join us on a trip to México City.

The daily, and heartbreaking, news of the humanitarian crisis at the México-US border sends us a clear reminder of the ways in which the US and Mexico are undeniably intertwined with one another.

We will be visiting México just over a month after a historic political transition. The stakes are high —some say it’s the most seismic opportunity since the 1910 revolution. Central Americans and US deportees —and how and whether Mexicans acknowledge and embrace their presence — will be part of that next chapter.

Our México Study Tour has three primary goals:

  1. Deepen our understanding of México’s rich history and complex socio-economic and political realities
  2. Gain greater appreciation for the interdependence between México and the US and their people
  3. Experience, first hand, the sounds, sights and tastes that thousands of new Tennesseans left behind

Joining us on this trip are:

  • Amy Eskind – Freelance Journalist
  • Bob Mendes – Metro Nashville Council Member & Attorney at Waypoint Law
  • Brian Haile – Chief Executive Officer, Neighborhood Health
  • Chase Cole – Partner, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
  • Gary Gaston – Chief Executive Officer, Nashville Civic Design Center
  • Krystal Clark – Director, Office of Student Leadership Development, Vanderbilt University
  • Lori Odom – Vice President of International Business, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Marieta Velikova, PhD – Associate Professor of Economics, Belmont University
  • Morgan Wills, MD – President and CEO, Siloam Health
  • Phyllis Hildreth – Director of Grants Management and Strategic Partnerships, American Baptist College
  • Scott Chambers – Real Estate Developer
  • Shana Goldstein-Mackler – Rabbi, The Temple

Under the expert guidance —and witty commentary— of Vanderbilt University’s Dr. Eddie Wright-Rios, a cultural historian specializing in modern México, our itinerary will take us to two cities.

First, we will explore México City and its historic architecture, dynamic gastronomy and vibrant cultural scene. Then we will visit Puebla, one of México’s oldest cities known for its Spanish colonial architecture, and where art and world renowned culinary traditions thrive at the foot of the Popocatepetl volcano.

In addition to visiting treasured spots and enjoying mouth-watering culinary feasts in the two cities, we will meet with government, business and civil society leaders engaged in US-México relations, immigration and other relevant topics on modern México.

Follow our social media (Facebook and Twitter) for live updates from our Executive Director, Renata Soto, and all participants using the hashtag #NashvilleInMexico.