The Tennessee Migrant Education Program’s (MEP) annual Summer Camp supports migratory students, the children of agricultural workers, by providing them with supplemental classes in crucial academic skills such as literacy and mathematics. Although COVID-19 prevented camp from gathering in person this year, MEP is still bringing a fun and educational experience to hundreds of migratory students around the state of Tennessee using Whatsapp, Zoom, and a whole lot of creativity!

Over 200 migratory children and youth are participating in this year’s MEP summer camp experience, the Reading Treasure Hunt Challenge. At camp this year students attend weekly virtual sessions with Certified Teachers and our team of Education Advisors to develop key literacy and math skills, paired with a treasure hunt where each stop requires students to lean into a new social emotional skill.

With the launch of camp, the 8th of June, students made treasure maps and set camp goals. They completed the first treasure hunt challenge: using their imaginations they worked as a team to act out unusual scenarios such as being a rhinoceros or space alien!

The 12th of June, students attended an art/literacy class where they read the book Maybe Something Beautiful and drew their ideal city.

We are so grateful to our team of educators and our incredible students for joining us on the adventure of the 2020 Reading Treasure Hunt Challenge. The creativity, resilience, and adaptability they demonstrate every day are just the kinds of skills you need for a treasure hunt. At MEP, we can’t wait to see where our students lead us next on this exciting journey!